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Spoken English Department
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How To Get Started:

image here Students take a simple entry level test to determine the course which will be taken by the student.
According to the student’s requirement , the course will be suggested by our student course advisor after which the students proceed through different levels to achieve their goals.

mano academy method is a practical and result oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in English. The learners are continuously supported and encouraged. mano academy’s learning method enables everyone to succeed whatever their preferred learning style or previous learning experience.

Every class in mano academy has interactive lesson where the students learn Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading , listening , Writing and speaking. These lessons have periodic checkpoints where they can confirm what they have learned. Students will also have writing assignments where they have to show it to the teacher to review.

Courses Offered:

Courses Duration Hours
Diploma In English 6 Months(5 days a week) 600 Hours
Elementary 6 Weeks(5 days a week) 60 Hours
Pre Intermediate 6 Weeks 60 Hours
Intermediate 7 Weeks 70 Hours
Upper Intermediate 7 Weeks 70 Hours
Advanced 8 Weeks 80 Hours
Reading 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Writing 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Speaking Beginners 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Speaking Advanced 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Ielts Beg 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Ielts Adv 6 Weeks 60 Hours
Toefl Beg 4 Weeks 40 Hours
Toefl Adv 6 Weeks 60 Hours
Teachers Training 6 Weeks 120 Hours


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